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This Roman Centurion costume is full size and completely functional making it 100% wearable.

The outfit includes

  • Roman white & red tunic
  • leather & brass cingulum
  • leather & brass vanbrae (arm guards)
  • leather & brass chestplate with red pretuges
  • Roman helmet (other styles available)
  • red cloak
  • metal Roman water canteen
  • pugio (dagger)
  • Gladius & scabbard (sword)
  • Roman scutum (shield)
  • Roman pilum (spear)

The armor is full sized, fully functional, combat ready and will fit a person who stands between 1.58m (5' 2)" and 1.93m (6' 4") tall with average body type.

Please Note: Caligae (shoes) and wolf skin not included. Can be requested if required

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