Drinking Horns

Horns have been used throughout time for drinking and carrying liquid. Our horns are 100% real cow horn not plastic, and that is no bull.

How to prepare a drinking horn for use
If you want to use a horn product to drink or eat from then follow the steps in this video. sure you can use it like it is but it will not only taste bad your food or drink will impregnate the organic material and make it smell/taste even worse. Anyone telling you that it is safe and hygienic to consume food and drink from a horn without coating it is talking pure bull.

It is worth noting that all horns take a lifetime to produce, no two are the same and there is no such thing as a perfect horn. With a lot of time and plenty of moist heat it is possible to reshape horn products. If you feel the need to complain that a horn is not "perfect" then please take a moment to think of the poor animal that gave it's life for your horn and that it will not be making any more or working for MFC ever again.