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This suit of armour is full adult size and because of the nature of adjustable overlapping plates it will fit a range of heights between 1740mm ~ 1920mm. It has been fully detailed with a period pattern eagle etching, and at this price is amazing value. It is made from 1mm steel and has been polished in a black steel finish. This suit of armour is ready to wear and easy to assemble. Like always, photos just don't do this suit justice but please look at the extra images for more details.

What you are Hiring
Gothic Sallet Helmet and armet - with visor and steel armet.
Spaulders and Pauldrons (Shoulders).
Couters - etched elbow guard.
Vambraces and Rearbraces - rearbrace fitted with a rotating cuff.
Gauntlets (hand protection) - wrist guard with etching. (no leather glove included)
Breastplate/cuirass (chest) - with addition motif badge on breastplate. Will fit waist size up to 110cm.
Fauld and tassets (steel skirt) - single fauld with tassets fitted by buckle and strap.
Cuisses (thigh guard) - Includes rear thigh plates.
Poleyns (knees) - knee cop is 52cm from ground to centre of knee joint.
Greaves (shins and calf) - formed to fit the calf muscle. 34cm in length.
Sabatons - fully articulated boot plates.

PLEASE NOTE - Sword shown is not included.
Stand is not included but can be shipped if requested.

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