Domed Kettle Hat - Crusader

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Called by many names, chapel de fer, war hat or kettle hat, the broad brimmed, open face helmet was the most popular of all helmets for fighting on foot. The broad brim shields blows from hand weapons, and offers protection from missiles from above.

They were first produced ( as reported in Documentaria Anglo, 1478) in England around 1011, 55 years before the famous battle of Hastings. These hats, although cheap, were not admired at first because they were considered cowardly. However, those who did use it, proved that it was something worthwhile.

Although it did leave the face vulnerable, many preferred the vision and access to air over the protection offered by covered helmets. This style of helmet is not limited to the middle ages as it continued being used in some form or another.

Circumference: 700mm
Brim width: 60mm
Height: 180mm
Weight: 1.95kg
Gauge: 1.6mm (16 Gauge)

The helmet has dents and scratches with a rustic patina to add to the battle scared authenticity.

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